We’re a collection of people who are located all over the US. We’re Students, Homemakers, Professionals of all walks of life.

We’ve got literally years of MMORPG experience in games ranging from World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings:Online to Aion

Our Charter

The Ebon Fold is an PvE/PvP/RP-Lite Galactic Republic guild for the game Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Ebon Fold was created to…

Provide an inclusive online community that wishs to provide safe harbor for families with children that would like to enjoy Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Maintain a very positive and diplomatic relationship with like-minded folks outside the guild and help foster alliances with much larger guilds.

to provide an academy where members and non members may seek and share knowledge in the hope of helping them enjoy the game on a deeper level

Our Leaders strive to…
Embody, exemplify and uphold the values that comprise what The Ebon Fold stands for:







Our members vow to…

Behave with respect and professionalism towards all…
Aim for victory as a cohesive team to decimate PvE content
freely share their knowledge and skill with other members
and provide feedback for ways The Fold can improve itself